Destination Seminars

Let us plan a destination seminar for you that will deliver new groups to your area! Our Executive Editor, Brian Jewell, will moderate a discussion panel of travel experts who will educate our qualified group travel planners about your destination!

Seminar – The destination seminars are designed to be informative and engaging. We encourage interaction between the attendees and the panelists to provide a lively, thought-provoking session that makes planners want to bring their groups back to your destination!

Attendance – Our support staff issues invitations to the types of planners you are seeking – whether they are planners for upscale groups like banks and chambers of commerce, faith-based groups or others.

Panel Experts – You will need to bring 3-4 travel experts from your area to participate in the panel discussion. For example, we hosted a Bible Land event where panelists from Jordan, Israel and Turkey promoted the region as a faith-based travel destination.

Sponsorship – We will work with you to customize opportunities to incorporate videos or other promotional messages during the event. Each panelist will be provided booth space to distribute materials and giveaways.

Networking Opportunity – There will be a meal and networking time so you can meet with travel planners. The Group Travel Leader Inc. plans and secures the meals and the location of the event.

Leads – After the event, you will be provided the contact information and profiles of all attendees who registered for the event.

Contact us today to plan your destination seminar!