International Buyers Guide

International-Buyers-Guide-2020-outline.jpgThe Group Travel Leader Inc will publish the inaugural edition of its new International Buyers Guide for groups in November 2020. This comprehensive magazine will highlight global travel opportunities for groups and will contain detailed content for travel planners about how to take a group overseas.

The International Buyers Guide will be published in both The Group Travel Leader and Select Traveler magazines’ November issues and will also be inserted as a free-standing magazine into the Winter edition of Going On Faith for all attendees of the Going On Faith Conference. Its total circulation in print for travel planners will exceed 21,000 and another 26,000 planners will receive it as a digital edition of these magazines. The guide will also be prominently displayed on these magazines’ websites for one year.

Editorial Content will include:

State of the International Travel Industry — This article will examine the economic, geopolitical and cultural factors shaping the international travel landscape for the coming year.

Safety and Security — This article will examine how tour companies and destinations work to keep international travelers safe and secure, as well as how they handle medical emergencies and other incidents.

See the World on a Cruise — This article will highlight the variety of ways ocean and river cruise lines can help facilitate and add value to international travel adventures.

New Approaches to Old Favorites — This article will examine exciting new travel possibilities available in popular international destinations and showcase ways that tour operators are evolving to deliver new experiences to their guests.

Up and Coming Adventure Destinations — This article will highlight adventure and exotic destinations around the world that are emerging as must-visit places for savvy world travelers.

2020 International Buyers Guide Media Kit