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“The Group Travel Leader Fam program has given us a unique opportunity to create exposure of our tourism product directly to tour operators. The return on investment has been very rewarding for tourism across the state of Georgia. The feedback and number of group tours booked after the completion of the Fam program was a key factor in the decision to partner with The Group Travel Leader Inc. again to bring this program back. The Group Travel Leader’s massive reach to tour operators with 20,000 subscribers allows us to effectively market and reach the perfect mix of group tour Fam participants to experience and explore Georgia’s vast tourism themed products that can fit into any itinerary.”

Lacey Cameron, Georgia Tourism

“Collaborating with The Group Travel Leader Inc. for FaceTime events during our annual sales missions has allowed us to add networking opportunities we normally would not have. By working with The Group Travel Leader we can extend our reach to qualified planners in order to get them all together and convey our message to them in an intimate group environment. We have found success in adding these events to our already existing sales mission format in an area that we find many planners booking trips from. It allows us to have a captive audience to increase the reach of our destination and creates the face to face time we all value.”

Roger Dudley, Experience Columbus